We process billions of dollars every year for some of the world’s most well-known brands.
Performance explained.
We are taking the pain out of accepting online payments by eliminating API layering and other inefficiencies through our fully propriety solution which is geared towards performance optimisation and revenue maximisation.
  • Traditional payment provider method.

    The current model is often a long-drawn-out process with multiple third-party intermediaries, hidden costs and reduced customer service levels, which results in failed transactions and potential loss of revenue.
  • Checkout.com method.

    Checkout.com is evolving the way businesses process payments by removing all third-party intermediaries. Businesses are able to process their transactions in under a second, greatly improving their transaction rate, while accepting both global and local payment solutions.

    Whatever your target market, payment method or currency, we have the best solutions for you.
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Software to run your business.
Our world-class engineering team are continuously developing new features and updates to ensure merchants are able to utilise the latest payment technologies and stay ahead of their competition.
Our comprehensive solution has been designed to help merchants run their businesses better by eliminating third parties. Joining Checkout.com means access to a complete suite of software services, including fully configurable risk management, smart routing for optimal cost and acceptance, payment tools and much more.
We care about our clients.
Our solution is tailored to clients' unique needs. We design together with you the best integration method for your business or let you create customer reporting exactly to your specs at no extra cost.

During your entire journey we will be available on the phone 24h a day. We see ourselves as your partner so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your payments.
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Global coverage
We offer all global card schemes and alternative payments via one single integration so you never miss a sale. Simple access to all domestic interchanges for cost optimization.
  • Ali Pay
  • JCB Payment
  • Maestro Payment
  • Ideal Payment
  • Visa payment
International cards.
Instantly accept international and commercial cards from major issuers.
Global alternative payment methods.
Take advantage of the many of the most popular Alternative Payment methods used around the world.

New Payment Method.

We are currently working on adding, PayPal, Apple PaySEPA euro payment, Bancontact and Giropay.

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Select and request the ones you need and we’ll reach out when when they’re ready:

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No hidden fees ⠠ No longterm contracts ⠠ Multiple settlement currencies

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If you have any questions during the integration process, do not hesitate to contact our
Integration Team.
If you have any questions during the integration process, do not hesitate to contact our
Integration Team.